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Anyone working with or around Hazardous Materials are required by law to be WHMIS trained.

This comprehensive WHMIS Online Certification program has been developed to meet and exceed standards set forth in the Hazardous Products Act for the training of persons who manufacture, work with or are ‘in proximity to’ hazardous materials in the workplace.

This WHMIS 2015 course covers the Implementation of GHS in Canada as well as WHMIS legislation introduced in 1988.
All employers are required to show diligence in ensuring their employees are WHMIS trained. WHMIS systems must be reviewed every year, including some measure of training.
If you are not quite successful with the Quiz, for your convenience, you are immediately taken back to the first section of the course which can save you some time and it makes it very easy to try again. Or – you may wish to read the material over again first which is recommended. Good luck. There is no extra charge to retake the exam. You will have several chances at the exam which should be very adequate as this is a refresher course. You will not have to pay an extra fee.

WHMIS / GHS Course Preview

  • WHMIS Introduction
1988 Classes, Divisions, & Symbols
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • 1988 Labels & Storage
  • 1988 Material Safety Data Sheets
  • 2015 Groups, Classes, & Categories
  • 2015 Physical Hazard Group
  • 2015 Health Hazards Group
  • 2015 Labels & Storage
  • 2015 Safety Data Sheets

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