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No. The S100A is the required Annual Safety Refresher course for those who have already successfully completed the full, two day (in British Columbia) Basic Fire Suppression and Safety Course. (If the S100 Course is not delivered over a two day time frame, it will not be recognized or approved by the government or WorkSafeB.C.)
When you click on the links to the courses, you will see the prices for each courses.
In British Columbia and some other jurisdictions - they are. We have the government and WorkSafeBC even refer customers to us. However, if you can understand that throughout just Canada and USA, there are MANY different levels of authority and jurisdictions. Federal, State, Municipalities, etc. We cannot possibly contact each of these many, many agencies. Therefore we suggest if you are not sure that our online courses will be accepted where you work - we recommend you check with you supervisor, company or government agency where you work out of. Our courses follow established standards and in fact, in several instances, we include, MORE information than what is in the original courses. We also suggest that ALL our courses will provide EXCELLENT pre-study material and information for any similar courses you may be planning to obtain. Our prices are such that we do our very best to keep them low but we never want to loose the quality factor.
Yes, under certain circumstances we will issue refunds. We don’t want any person or company to be paying for our services if they don’t get what they require. Please contact us directly to request a refund.
Yes, you may try as many times as you like. As mentioned earlier, our courses have solid content and once in a while some of our customers require more than one attempt. Not often, … but.
No, we do not deliver those courses. In British Columbia these courses are administered by the University of Northern B.C. (UNBC) They oversee everything to do with these courses. We know they will do what they can to help you and answer your questions. Please click on our link DTA Course and you will be “taken” to a website with all the current information.
YES. As stated in before we aim for quality! We take wildland fire training and safety very seriously!
Yes, we do have a volume discount plan. You may contact us for more details.
You bet! We do our best to be available to answer your questions. Once fire season starts (April_ish) we try to be available almost 24/7. Please leave a message if you don’t reach us. (we may be out in the field conducting a course)
Yes, upon successful completion of ANY of our courses ALL PERSONS will AUTOMATICALLY receive a downloadable and printable, certificate of completion. This certificate also has, on the bottom, a smaller, identical, wallet card sized certificate. Many people cut this out and put it in their wallet or even laminate them. We will mail a “hard copy” certificate also - for an extra $6.00 fee. (you will see these options on the registration / payment pages)
First forest firefighting in 1964. Worked as a staff member for a Fire Centre several years. Air-operations Specialist, Incident Commander, Logistics, etc. (Approved to instruct a substantial number and level of fire related courses.) Please see our "About Us" section on our website for more information on all of our experience in the field.
No, there used to be a five year limit but not anymore. HOWEVER, in order to have your S100 Certificate remain valid - you MUST TAKE THE S100A EACH YEAR - AND WITH NO GAPS IN THE YEARS.
Your training records are automatically stored securely on our server following completion of your online training. During this time, certificates can be re-printed at no cost at any time.
No. However it will never hurt to take some formal first aid training. Level 1 with the Transportation Endorsement is a good start. That is a two day training program. If you have Level 3, which is a much more advanced first aid program - you may have a better chance for employment opportunities. (in any field)
Not any more. Was an approved instructor for WorkSafeBC when they were more involved in this aspect of the program (training) We do have a pretty thorough WHMIS course on our website.

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